Roofing, Remodeling and related services.

We provide South Florida with the highest quality roofing, home remodeling and upgrade services available.


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Our Core Service

We are metal roofing and home remodeling experts. Everything from internal re-decorating to external construction are our fields of expertise.

We Do Our Best

And guarantee your satisfaction on every job, large or small.

  • Roofing; Metal and Solar. Gutters. Installation or Repair.
  • Remodeling; internal or external.
  • Landscaping, pavers, decks.

Why Should You Choose Us?

Unlike other contractors, We don’t take advance deposits for materials and labors. In turn, as a homeowner, or a commercial developer, there’s no anxiety subjected to our clients whereas other contractors subject you to 50% advance deposits with promises that are an uncomfortable liability.Even better, we don’t request any payment until after your city’s inspector has approved ourworkmanship. This protects you with peace of mind. There are usually two or three inspections.

Miami-Dade Hurricane Certified Metal Roofing Systems to include Aluminum, Copper, and Titanium.

Substantial Energy Savings (our ULTRA-Cool™ low-gloss coatings are standard for all colors, helping reduce energy bills up to 50%).

On site roof fabrication that eliminates shipping damage, short shipments, sizing errors, and waste

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Superior Roofing Systems

Innovative materials, design and workmanship make us South Florida's number one choice.


Custom Installation

Each of our projects are custom installed for the ultimate form and finish. We pay attention to the finer details.


Flexibility in Design

Interactively coordinate proactive customer input with process-centric outside the box design.


Superior Results

Create the ultimate results with Hurricane. We over-deliver on every project and guarantee our work.


Protect your investment and maximize value

We Always Create the Real Value and are Passionate about all of our Work

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