Hurricane Metal Roofing & Remodeling

Our Metal Roofing Installations require No-Deposit.

Hurricane Metal Roofing & Remodeling installs and services the highest quality, attractive and durable metal roofing and gutter products, and is an award winning home remodeling specialist.

About Hurricane Metal Roofing

Hurricane Metal Roofing installs only the most visually appealing, rugged, long lasting metal roofing available. Our professional sales and installation technicians have a reputation for delivering the finest Metal Roofing installations in south Florida.

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Residential and Commercial Metal Roofing Systems

No Deposit Required

Multiple Configurable Navigation Systems

Choose between our CSS-based dropdown menu with advanced features such as inline modules, or SplitMenu.

Custom installation, service and repair

Bonded and insured

Versatile Content Switchblade Extension

Multiple default layout modes to choose from, and an advanced & powerful custom administrative interface.

Professionally installed and guaranteed Fit and Finish

Long lasting metal roofs offer the best warranty

Extensive Array of Standard Features

Gantry is the powerful core framework that sits at the core of Vermilion, providing a rich feature set.

Solar Roofing for maximum energy efficiency.

Custom solar roofing installation

Quick and Easy Module Individualization

A diverse selection of configurable module class suffixes, either stylistic or structural in function.


Home Remodeling and Renovation

by Miami and Broward County's finest craftsmen

Responsive Layout

A responsive layout automatically adapts to the viewing device, allowing for an optimized appearance on multiple devices, such as tablets.

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Editable Structure

The template manager offers configuration options to individually control each module position row, per page, allowing for custom widths.

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Mobile Support

Vermilion has responsive styling for smartphones, but also benefits from a mobile specific menu to better match the touch based user interface.

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RokSprocketVersatile Content Extension for Joomla

  • Mosaic

    The Mosaic layout displays content in dynamic blocks that adapt to their content size and by frontend filters. Read More
  • Tabs

    A layout mode to display tabbed content, with configurable tab positions, either top, bottom, left or right. Read More
  • Headlines

    The Headlines layout mode displays content in a news ticket type format, rotating through content snippets. Read More
  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • RokAjaxSearch is a configurable search module that uses AJAX to load results in real time via a styled, paged popup. It can be set to local or Google search, inclusive of Web, image, video and blog. Read More
  • K2 is the popular content control kit extension from JoomlaWorks, which basically expands Joomla's built-in content facility. The template has styled support for K2, including a responsive layout. Read More
  • RokBooster improves site speed.Site speed is paramount, and RokBooster is how we quickly and effectively improve this. It compresses and consolidates CSS, Javascript, Font and Image files, reducing HTTP request and overall file size. Read More
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  • Setup
  • Addons
  • Extras


A RocketLauncher is a custom, full Joomla package that installs a near equivalent of the demo onto your server.

This option allows you to check exactly how the demo is constructed.


In addition, Vermilion has free online guides to assist in setting up the template on your site.

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Image Sources

Vermilion is bundled with Adobe® Fireworks PNG Sources, which are layered and edible, for customizing.

The sources are available to all active club members or Vermilion purchasers.


All RocketTheme Extensions for Vermilion are free and can be downloaded separately.

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Coming Soon/Offline

Stylistically integrated custom designed Offline or Coming Soon, with a configurable time counter, are available.

The sources are available to all active club members or Vermilion purchasers.


Create exquisite graphical charts using HTML5 and Chart.js, which is built-in with Vermilion.

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More Features

  • Grid System +

    The module layout is split into rows of up to 6 grid blocks. Each grid block has per page width controls.
  • Custom Interface +

    Controlled via an advanced user interface, with tabs, toggles, sliders and modals, to allow easy configuration.
  • Built-in Features +

    Features are self contained elements of functionality. They can easily hook into a Gantry template.
  • Top Notch Support +

    Community forum support as well as publicly available online documentation, to assist and guide.
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